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Croda is one of the first foreign chemical companies to invest in its own manufacturing plants in Japan. Armed with the latest information obtained via the global network of the Croda Group and the meticulous local production which is supported by local R&D activities, Croda Japan has been contributing to customers in a wide range of industries.

The unique Super Refining process in Shiga Factory was developed by using Croda Japan's own technology, producing unrivalled products including highly purified natural oils such as low-allergy lanolin, olive oil, meadowfoam oil, shea butter, beeswax, DHA oil, and high-quality emollient esters.

At the laboratory, which is adjacent to the Shiga Factory, the company is constantly developing new products, processes and formulations.It is always seeking cooperative development with customers.

In order to ensure company wide quality control, Croda Japan obtained ISO9002 certification in October 1997 and ISO14001 in August 2001.


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